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Fitments Service
Mr Tyre (Motorsport) Ltd services over 20 events per season and at each event a free of charge fitting service is available to all customers using Hankook competition tyres, we also carry tyres specific to the event that we are attending, although it is recommended that the customer pre books their requirements.
Conditions of Use
Hankook competition tyres are specially designed and compounded solely for the purposes of motorsport. No warranty is given on Hankook competition tyres due to the limited conditions under which they operate and Hankook shall not be liable for damage arising from their use.
Tyre Care
Tyres should be stored in a controlled environment with cool temperature and in darkness. High temperatures, direct sunlight, proximity to high voltage electric motors or welders should be avoided. The use of chemical treatments such as tyre 'soaking' of tread 'softener' to alter the carcass or tread compound of a Hankook competition tyre could result in premature or catastrophic tyres failure and serious injury or death.
Tyre Fitting
Hankook competition tyre fitting should always be carried out with special care to avoid damage to the bead area which is of critical importance in tubeless tyres. In order to assure of this you should always have your tyres mounted by a certified dealership that knows how to handle competition tyres. The use of a tyre fitting machine is strongly recommended to avoid damage to wheel or tyre. Tyres should not be inflated over 40psi (2.7 bar).
Tyre Pressure
The correct pressure varies according to driver, car and conditions, it is often a matter of personal preference. Sufficient pressure must always be used to avoid structural damage to the tyre.
Pressure Conversion
PSI to BAR: divide by 14.7
BAR to PSI: multiply by 14.7.
We are always available to advise on suitable fitment, compound, patterns and pressure. We are only too pleased to be able to help you find the right tyre for your vehicle.